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Mommatown is an interconnected community. When you log into one site, you are logged into ALL of our very custom sites, making your login more convenient. Our collective sites offer these features:

Home School Parents

  • Sell used materials (WeSchool)
  • Buy new or used materials (WeSchool)
  • Make your own dashboard,
    saving urls, dates, etc.
    write reviews on materials
  • Let your child engage in free fun educational content
    write reviews on materials
  • Create Logins for children
    –  Monitor child access
    –  Restrict child access
    –  View all messaging
  • Create goals and tasks for yourself, for homeschooling, or other projects you want to track
  • Connect with homeschool orgs
    in your area
  • Suggest tools you'd like to see on Mommatown to help you homeschool
  • Registration / membership is free

Home School Kids

  • Make and sell crafts (WeSchool)
  • Post your local kid-biz (WeSchool)
  • Participate in -
    –   Writing Contests
    –   Game Challenges
    –   Drawing Contests
    –   Writing Contests
    –   Win Prizes
    –   Write "How To"s for fun
    –   Make something and sell it
  • Access free on-line materials
    –   Educational Games
    –   Educational Non Fiction
    –   Fiction
    –   Math Practice Drills
    –   English Skill Drills
    –   Learn Entrepreneurial Skills
    –   Learn to Budget
  • Suggest activities or games you'd like to see on Mommatown to help you learn
  • Registration / membership is free

Home School Orgs

  • Define your org group by creating an org home page on WeSchool, invite others to your page, encourage homeschool meeting and event participation
  • Offer your org to relevant opted-in users using WeSchool's free reachout-tool
  • Link to your already-existing blog, site, forum, meetup, twitter, facebook or other social account, so that WeSchool parents can find you out on the web
  • Use our on-line tools, such as Book-Fair registration or set up other types of registrations, or sell educational materials on WeSchool.
  • Suggest tools you'd like to see on Mommatown to help you manage
  • Registration / Org management & membership is free

A little about our interconnected sites:
MOMMATOWN.COM     KIDS: Read stories, practice math, enter contests, participate on science and other educational interactive pages, write your own stories or poetry. PARENTS: may organize their homeschooling page links, schedule, and set privacy settings for their children. ORGS: Allows homeschool organizations to post schedules and other information, and allows homeschool families to find these organizations, if desired.

WESCHOOL.ORG     Allows users to buy and sell books and other items, post their service (dog-sitting or other kid powered biz), and learn to be entrepreneurs.

WE-HOW-TO.COM     Helps kids with critical analog thinking by allowing them to read and create how-to instructions.

FAMILY-ART-SUPPLY.COM     Provides specific art and craft project instructions.

ART-BOOK-FOOD-FAIR.COM     On-line tool lets you create an Art Fair, Book Fair, Food Fair, Science Fair, or "Anything" Fair registration for your fair whatever kind you are creating, and allows you to invite others to "register" to participate. If a payment for registration is needed for your fair, allows the registrant to pay.

THEDIGU.COM     Ancient Earth science site for ages 12 and up.

DIGDINER.COM     Ancient Earth science site for ages up to 12.

KID-CODERS.COM     Teaches kids 12 and up how to make web sites from scratch, and provides other basic computer knowledge lessons.

WeSchool FAQ
About Mommatown & WeSchool

The bottom line first: Mommatown is all about making homeschooling easier for homeschooling adults and more fun and productive for kids, increasing computer skills along the way.

Kids who are able to acquire computer skills are highly prized in the average workplace. I remember just having a few beginner skills learned from public high school made me the manager's right hand gal in one of the first jobs I had, a museum gift shop. I was able to create Word documents for her and tally product up in an Excel spreadsheet, and being able to do these things raised my 20 something self in her esteem as a valuable assistant. I loved office work, and I realized that I loved being paid to be on a computer (although that museum's gift shop was also AWESOME).

The interesting thing about computer skills, whether it be using a program like Word or Excel, being able to put a simple web site together, being able to change the look of a web site with the easier-to-learn front-end code only, or being able to create a Mommatown or WeSchool type site with all the deeply coded custom bells and whistles, is this: these are skills that can be obtained for free. Many good paying jobs myself and my coworkers have had (50k - 100k range) have been obtained without the background of any student loan debt. From helping the manager out with some simple computer skills, to creating high functioning web sites and phone apps, this field is still wide open for do-it-yourself education.

Back when I began being a homeschooling mom, and had a five year old running about the house, I realized that I didn't have to rely on and pay others to educate my child. As time went on, I thought that maybe we could take that mentality further. Both my daughter and I applied this thinking to our self-taught careers, and we are so glad that we did.

How do you start educating your child for this computer-laden world?

At first, they just need time to tinker and get used to the mouse and keyboard. At first, when she was very young, I sat down at the computer, found some safe sites with no advertising and no links to other sites, sites that had fun content with educational merit. I hid the URL bar and all other tool bars so that my young daughter could have fun on the web sites, and not accidentally go to some other web site. She could play and learn and explore in a closed loop, and I controlled what sites she saw. Safety prevailed. These web sites became yet another aspect of "fun" homeschooling that made up a part of our week. It was great, she could play and learn while I took a break or got ready for the next hands-on subject.
The internet has changed since then, and it's now a huge global community. About a bazillion not-safe-for-kids sites have sprung up. From predators, to just rated PG or R site content, it is harder now to do what I did for my young daughter many years ago: to provide an opportunity to safely explore and create and play on the web using sites with educational merit.

Not only can some sites be dangerous, but even the "safe" ones have many ads nowadays, and those ads when clicked on, lead the child to other sites, like Amazon or other very globally active sites where everyone in the world is talking and selling — which is fine for an adult to see, just not a good place for a young child to be perusing. I just tested this out as I was writing this introduction, went to one of the largest kids' sites known, and in two clicks was on Amazon! Tried again, and in two clicks I was on Youtube. Neither of these larger sites is safe for kids' eyes.

So that is why MOMMATOWN was created. I still know a lot of homeschooling families, and I still interact with kids. I care about the homeschool movement and still believe it is a great idea when done well! I want there to be an on-line environment where kids can go and play educational games, and learn really important computer skills, and post creative content, and be ENCOURAGED, and have FUN. And I want it to be safe. Is that too much to ask in this day and age? No, I don't think it is too much to ask. So my "team" and I have made Mommatown with these goals in mind. It's free to join - free to join in on contests, games and use many other educational tools.

Almost everything here is absolutely free. We had to think about how the site would "pay" for itself, pay its own rent, and so there may be a few things that cost, such as a 99 cent Android phone app, if you choose to download it, or a small processing fee for purchases, if you choose to buy something or pay for something here. Our main goal is to help kids learn important skills that they will take with them for the rest of their lives, like my daughter did, and keep them safe while they learn. We also want to give back to the homeschool movement that gave us so much. So, feel free to use all the FREE goodies and tools and never download or use anything that costs. Homeschool is often a shoe-string budget way to go, I know, I did it that way too.

Mommatown, as a site concept, seeks to be that let's-have-fun but let's also hold-the-world-back mom, you know that mom that holds her arm out and protects her child when stopping the car at a stop light even though the kid is buckled in? That's Mommatown. So whether you are a mom or dad helping your child grow and learn, and whether you homeschool or not, Mommatown wants to provide fun, protect kids, and teach good stuff to our members. We hope you enjoy our site and let us know you stopped by.
This site is being developed right now, you can create an account and be a very valuable beta tester soon. Use the form here: Mommatown.com Registration page, and add your email to the list to be informed when we open up free registration or to be a beta tester. Thank you for reading, and if you follow this project, thank you for being part of the Mommatown family. If you want to see who some of our developers, content writers, and artists are, you may access our portfolios from this site (click here).
Very Sincerely,
Sally Gura
By placing some items listed for sale down here, we help Google and other search engines understand what our site is about and what kinds of things can be found here. This is why many sites have tons of links in their footers, not for their users, not really, but to help their Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO). Search engines heavily rely on the home page to explain what a site is all about. Pardon us, while we make sure search engines know just what kinds of things our site provides.
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